Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pushing toward Final Assembly

I'll be away from the Jeep over the Christmas holiday, so I wanted to get as much done before I left as I could. So, I stayed up until 2:00AM Monday morning working on things. I did some potbox hackery to attach a threaded rod that will (eventually) be attached to the gas pedal. Basically, just a 10-24 machine screw with nylock nuts holding it to the potbox arm, and holding an angle bracket on (the nylock nuts are not tight on the angle bracket - it needs to be able to rotate). The threaded rod goes on the angle bracket, and will be pulled by the accelerator pedal as you depress the pedal:

I attached all the interconnects, flexi-cables, and PakTrakr connections to the lower rear box:

Between the lower rear box and the upper rear box, there are a CamLok connector and a 400A fuse. In keeping with my "no exposed 312V connections" rule, I put the fuse in an electrical conduit box. The red cable is very stiff, so I made the other side a "FlexiCable" connection to give me more wiggling options:

The red end of this cable attaches to the upper rear battery pack. It goes through an opening in the metal, so I added armor to protect it. I cut a chunk of leftover conduit to fit:

And then heat-shrink-wrapped it in place:

And there it is, attached. The interconnects and PakTrakr connections are also finished in the upper rear rack:

I then hooked up temporary interconnects between the upper rear rack and the under-seat racks, and between the batteries. Because I underestimated the amount of 4/0 cable, I had to order some more. It's not here yet, so I grabbed some 2-gauge battery cable and made up some two-wide cables as temporary interconnects (using 2/0 lugs). The circular area of two 2-gauge cables is about the same as 2/0 gauge cable - enough for my purposes for now (it will get replaced with 4/0 cable before I do any significant driving):

And then I finished the hookups in the engine compartment. It was getting late at this point, so I took some shortcuts - I have not heat-shrink-wrapped the interconnects, and I need to adjust the shortest ones so the batteries will line up properly. Also visible in this picture are the relay box, tie-wrapped in its final location in the upper left corner of the picture:

And here is the top on. Unfortunately, that front interconnect is still too tall, and the top does not fit all the way down. I will deal with that after vacation. For now, I'll live with a hood that does not quite close all the way (it latches but does not fully close):

And then it was time for bed.

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