Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brakes, U-Joints, Transmission

I also finished the brakes and transmission. Because of the under-seat racks, I needed longer emergency brake cables. To change them, you pretty much have to dismantle the whole rear brake assembly. So, I put new shoes and drums on while I was at it. Here is the old assembly:

And here are new shoes, springs, etc. (on the other side):

And here is the new drum. The old drum is pretty much rust-colored:

Here are the new emergency brakes hooked up to the handle. I got two Jeep Wrangler YJ '91 or later passenger's side cables, part number 52007522, and hooked them up. I had to extend the threaded rod to meet the cables. This is all as documented on this link at 4x4 Wire. A functional emergency brake is a necessity for an electric vehicle, since there is no "compression" to act as a "motor brake":

I also installed new heavy-duty U-joints on both sides of the drive shaft, and new straps and bolts on the differential end:

Not shown, but I filled the transfer case and transmission with fluid. I used a suction device to fill the transfer case, and I filled the tranny from the shifter rod opening until it started to drip from the fill hole.

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