Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feeding the Snake

In their book, "Convert It", Mike Brown and Shari Prange say the process of feeding heavy cable through conduit is like feeding an uncooperative python. After having done it myself, I think it is more like feeding a live python to a live anaconda... but I managed to get it done.

First, I had to remove the conduit from the Jeep. If the conduit is not fairly straight, the cable will hang up on the twists and turns and not feed through. So, I took it down to my laundry room where it is nice and warm, and proceeded with the feeding.

The long cable has both the 4/0 cable as well as a 10-gauge cable (for the most negative attachment to the charger). So, I taped them together at roughly 12-inch intervals. I then fed a plumber's friend through the conduit, and taped the cables to the wire:

With liberal applications of electrician's slime, and alternating pushes and pulls, I managed to get the cable through the conduit:

The shorter cable (from the rear seat racks to the front rack) went more easily - it is just the cable, and a shorter run, so I was able to push it right through (again, with a liberal application of slime). I finished the ends (one end a CamLok connector, the other end a standard lug):

I also finished the ends of the longer cable - lugs on both ends:

And then I replaced the conduit on the Jeep, but now, with cables!

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