Sunday, December 7, 2008

To-Do List

I also made a list of those last things that need to get done to get the ElectroJeep on the road.

Things that must get done:
  • Finish 12V wiring
  • Hook up power steering
  • Hook up power brakes / heater controls (other vacuum?)
  • Hook up e-brake
  • Install potbox (relocate throttle cable?)
  • Hook up controller wiring harness
  • Finish transmission:
    • Put gasket on tail cone
    • Replace U-joints
    • Torque to final specs
    • Hook up wiring
    • Hook up clutch hydraulics
    • Fill / bleed clutch hydraulics
    • Fill with tranny / t-case fluid
  • Install gauges / controls
    • Including wiring through to engine compartment
  • Torque suspension to final specs
  • Bleed brakes
  • Install battery interconnects
  • Cut & install long 4/0 cables
  • Install PakTrakr
  • Finish charger wiring
  • Shorten 3-phase cable
  • Hook up controller 312V cables
Things that would be nice to have done, but are not required:
  • Install manual t-case cable
  • Replace rotors, drums, and pads

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