Monday, December 1, 2008


I made up some signs early this morning that I'll be pasting anywhere there is a cover that can be removed to access 312V (or anywhere there is a cable that can be cut). You are welcome to use them for whatever you want. PDF here.


Roger Daisley said...

Ross: Reading about your HIGH VOLTAGE signs reminds me to warn you, and others, about the EXTREME danger from "Arc Flash." Possibly you are already aware of this situation, but maybe other hobbyists are not and would benefit from this note.

Because of the high DC voltage and very low impedance wiring, an accidential short circuit (such as dropping a wrench across a battery terminal) can cause an EXTREMELY VIOLENT explosion with molten metal flying in all directions. Serious injury would likely result.

Please read:

Best regards for a safe project.
Roger Daisley

Ross Cunniff said...

Roger, yes, thanks. I'm familiar with arc flash, having experienced it at 144V (and having the outer layer of skin blown off the entire area between my knuckle and the first joint of the middle finger of my left hand). I have no desire to experience it at 312V.

For safety, I plan on separating the batteries into three sub-packs of 96, 108, and 108 volts, using CamLock connectors to separate them before working on the packs.

miniUMM said...

Mr Ross Cunniff, can you post some videos off you driving this jeep ?

Please ? My email it's miniUMM(at)

best regards

Ross Cunniff said...

I have one video on youtube - when the weather warms up more, I plan on making a more detailed video tour.