Monday, April 28, 2014

New Vacuum Pump

Nearly 5 years ago, I installed ElectroJeep's power brake vacuum pump.  It was a noisy little beast, and it always irritated me.  Some time in the past 5 years, I got a new, quieter pump to replace it - the MES 70/6E2 - but I never got around to installing it because it was taller than the old pump and would not fit in the same spot.  However, with the new LiFePO4 layout, I had a blank spot where one of the 26 old AGM batteries had gone.  A perfect spot to mount both the new pump as well as the power steering reservoir:

The pump is mounted on little anti-vibration feet, and is much MUCH quieter than the previous pump.  I hooked it in to the original vacuum reservoir, which includes an adjustable vacuum sensor switch:

And now I have power brakes - in style!

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