Sunday, June 7, 2009

Power Brakes and Stuff

I squeezed in a couple of miscellaneous things today. I got the vacuum pump for the power brake assist hooked up. It is *loud*. Imagine one of those aquarium pumps you had as a kid. Bzzz. Now imagine ten of them. BZZZZ. I'm looking into mufflers or other options (wrapping it in bubble wrap as shown had very little effect). You can see that the wiring has exploded into spaghetti - soon it will be time to attach everything and put all the wiring together into looms. But for now, it works - I took my wife and oldest daughter for a ride around the block now that steering and braking are not such a pain.

I did get a start on attaching things. I mounted my two high-voltage power poles in the front compartment, directly above the DMOC. The red thing in front of the most positive pole is a Hall-effect current sensor. I decided I did not like the idea of a shunt-style ammeter at 312+ V. This is the sensor for the Shoreline Ammeter:

I also put together an enclosure for the high-voltage fuses protecting the 312V voltmeter and heater. Also in this enclosure are a relay to turn the 312V voltmeter on / off with the keyswitch:

I updated the circuit diagram to include the relay and to show the Hall-effect sensor instead of the shunt:

As always, you can find the PDF here.

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