Saturday, April 19, 2008


The batteries arrived yesterday - over 1500 pounds of them. They were nicely strapped & shrink-wrapped to a pallet:

Here is one of the batteries unboxed. It is a 12 volt, 80 amp-hour, 56-pound bundle of lead, acid, and plastic - the Concorde Chairman AGM-1280T:

And here are all 26 batteries, nicely stacked up and waiting for their Rudman regulators and Manzanita Micro charger:

I bought them from EFI Technical - Scott and John were extremely helpful - I give them an "A+" for customer support and service. They gave me a prompt quote, kept me informed of the manufacturing progress (these batteries are manufactured on-demand), and were very diligent about asking whether everything arrived correctly. Thanks!

EFI Technical
300 South Harbor Blvd., Ste 810
Anaheim, CA 92805