Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coming Soon... an ElectroJeep near you (or, at least, near me):

A pallet full of something.  What could it be?

110 CALB LiFePo4 cells!  Each 3.2 volt cell stores 100 amp-hours.  The ElectroJeep will have 98 of them (the rest are for spares / redundancy).  Here is one possible layout (it fits in the existing battery racks):

98 cells yields a 313.6 volt nominal pack.  The charge voltage will be 352.8 volts, and the "empty" voltage will be 274.4 volts.  There will also be a BMS to keep any individual cell from becoming too full or too empty.  This compares well with the lead-acid 312 volt nominal, 371.8 volt charging, 275.6 volt empty stats.

Assuming 500 watt-hours per mile, and 75% depth-of-discharge, this should take the ElectroJeep over 45 miles range per charge.  My experience with the lead-acid was more like 10-15 miles per charge.  A significant upgrade, and almost 800 pounds lighter!