Sunday, April 20, 2014

BMS Cell Loop Interconnected

With the cells interconnected and the BMS modules installed, the critical final step before energizing the whole system is interconnecting the cell loop.  Here is the schematic - the interconnects are highlighted in yellow on the diagram:

The PDF of the BMS wiring is here.  I had previously built 80-some short interconnects for the tops of the cells.  These went on pretty easily.  First, the front box:

Next, the upper rear box:

And finally, the lower rear box:

With all the interconnections in place, I did the final torquing of the terminal bolts using my inch-lb torque wrench (9 N*M or roughly 80 inch-lbs per the specs):

You'll note it is largely wrapped in electrical tape - safety first!  Finally, I hooked up the previously-installed inter-battery-box cabling and plugged the charger in - and it made it safely to its first charge:

So, with wheels turning and charger functioning - it is a car!  Up next - a test drive.

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