Thursday, January 1, 2009

Potbox / Throttle

Today, I mounted the potbox and attached the throttle pedal to it. I started with some 2" by 1/8" aluminum bar stock and made some bends:

And more bends... (sadly, I made this bend backwards):

Here's the final bent-up mount. Because that bend above is the wrong direction, I had to add one more bend to turn the forward extension around 180 degrees. You can see the four holes on that extension where the potbox will be mounted:

Here's the potbox mounted in its new home:

And here's the whole thing in its final location. The springs in the potbox push the lever toward the front of the Jeep. The threaded rod pushes on the throttle pedal. Because of the lever point, this means the footrest on the pedal moves *backwards* and resists foot pressure:

It works fairly well. I may upgrade the 10-24 threaded rod to 1/4-20 - the 10-24 was fine when I was thinking of using the throttle to *pull* the arm back, but *pushing* causes the thin rod to bend a bit, adding some undesirable "springiness" to the assembly.

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I wish I had the time and patience to do something like this. The ultimate gear head conversion ;o).c