Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LiquiTight Conduit

One of the concerns of very high voltage electricity is protecting the cabling from damage. The cable goes outside the Jeep (underneath) at four places:
  1. From the upper rear rack to the under-seat racks
  2. Between the two under-seat batteries
  3. From the under-seat batteries to the front compartment
  4. From the front compartment to the most-positive battery in the upper rear rack
I am using LiquiTight non-metallic conduit for all these interconnects. First, the upper rear rack to under-seat racks - a short run (I later wrote "DANGER: HI VOLTAGE" with some lightning bolts on the conduit):

Second - the cable to the most-positive battery in the lower rear rack. I drilled a hole and installed the connector:

Here is the conduit test-fitted (you can see the first connection at the upper left, and the yellow rear-to-front AC cord dangling in the foreground):

This is a (poor) shot of the conduit going from the rear seat to the engine compartment:

And here is the conduit coming in to the engine compartment. The long piece looped in the compartment will hold the most-positive cable to the lower rear rack (it will get trimmed to length later). The shorter piece at the bottom of the picture goes to the batteries below the rear seat. It looks a little like Doc Octopus is having his way with the engine compartment...

Still do to on the conduit: tie-wrap it to various strategic points on the chassis (making sure to keep it in-board of the unibody "frame-rails" to further protect it from damage).

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