Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finishing Lower Rear Box Hold-Downs

The last pre-Turkey-Day thing I did was to finish the cover / hold-down. I cut 8 2.5" discs of polypropylene, and countersunk them to install 1/4-20 nylon screws:

I drilled holes through the top (and through the hold-downs where appropriate) and put the bolts on - note - nylon needs to be finger-tight only (I blew up one bolt making it more than finger tight):

Other things evident in this picture but not previously blogged:
  • I cut and installed the 1/8" polypropylene for the sides of the upper rear box
  • I cut, drilled, and painted the hold-downs for the upper rear box (from 3/16" bar stock)
  • I cut and installed the top for the upper rear box
It's getting *very* close to the final battery hookup. I need to:
  • Finish installing the heater (so I can mount the front rack permanently)
  • Permanently install the "extra" battery rack (one of the first parts I welded!)
  • Finish the upper rear, under-seat, front, and "extra" tops/hold-downs just like this
  • Cut lots and lots of 1/16" by 1" copper strap for the interconnect (each interconnect will consist of *three* such straps to allow high amperage to flow without excess heat)

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