Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Rear Cover

I built the original lower rear rack based on the dimensions of Concorde AGM 1280T batteries.  CALB 100AH cells are similar in height - but each cell will have a BMS module on top of it.  This means the original rack is just a hair too shallow.  To fix this, and to provide more support for the cells, I built a new lower rear rack cover - built out of 1/8" thick steel again:

The clamps are to hold the top angle iron in place during welding.  I used every clamp I own for this...  The angle iron adds significant stiffness to the rack, without adding a lot of weight.  You can also see the tabs which will be used to bolt the top in place.  This new top adds about 7/8 of an inch of extra clearance - just enough.

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