Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More 12V hackery

I've actually been so busy on the Jeep the last couple of weeks, I've not had time for blogging. The next few posts will make up for that...

First, I did some work on the 12V relay box. I made the cables that will attach the box to the DMOC controller and to the dash instrumentation. The DMOC cables use GM WeatherPack connectors - which are very handy things, well-sealed and robust.

You start by collecting your pin, seal, and crimper:

Push the wire through the seal, and crimp the pin on to the wire and on to the seal:

Push the seals through the connector, close the end, and you're all done. About 1 minute per pin once you get the feel of it. Here is the relay box with its cables attached (the ones at the lower left connect to the DMOC, the ones at the upper right connect to the dash instrumentation).

After looking closely at the wiring diagram, and after deciding to get a 120/240VAC to 12VDC power supply to integrate into the system, I realized two things. First, the glass fuses were pretty much all for the AC power supply and relay. Second, with those fuses gone, there was plenty of room in that box for the heater contactor. So, here is, I believe, the final 12V diagram:

And here is the assembled box, integrated in (the dash wiring is not complete, nor is the heater wiring, but the box is hooked up to the keyed 12V (yellow wire on the left), ground (black wire), and the DMOC:

The current wiring diagram PDF is, as always, here.

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