Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Charger Inlet

I changed my mind - I wanted to get the charger going so that I could keep the battery pack easily filled up. I started with a plastic cover plate, and drilled a hole in it to match a marine outlet that I had purchased earlier:

The cord for the charger comes out in an outlet box in the former gas tank filler opening:

I threaded the cord through the plate, and attached the wires:

Finally, I completed it by attaching the plate to the box:

Here it is, plugged in and charging:

To avoid damage to the batteries, I am only charging to 330V for the pack (this is roughly 12.7V per battery). I will charge the individual batteries to equalize. This will only be necessary until my battery management system shows up (I already have a PakTrakr installed for monitoring purposes).

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