Sunday, November 30, 2008

Front Components

I got almost all the front components placed very close to where they will go. I reinstalled the front rack, and permanently mounted the vacuum pump and vacuum canister. I test-placed all the other components that will go in the front compartment - the only two items in this picture not in their final location are the Hall effect sensor and the heater contactor:

Here are labels to make it easier to see what is going on:

I'll try to find a box to put the heater contactor in - the guiding principal of the 312V system is to make it very difficult for fingers to come in contact with it.

One problem has become evident - 4/0 welding cable will not fit through the strain relief fittings on the controller. I have a few options:
  • Go with a short run of thinner cable (3/0 might work) - if short enough, should not cause too much of a voltage drop
  • Drill bigger holes and use the 1" LiquiTight flexible conduit terminators I've used elsewhere
  • Just put a rubber grommet on the 1" holes
I'm leaning toward the "drill bigger holes" option right now. Still thinking about it.

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