Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Charger Mounted

I took the week of Thanksgiving off so I could get more done on the Jeep. Glorious weather - into the 60s most days (I love Colorado...). One of the first things I did was to install the charger for real. A few weeks ago, I inserted 1/4-20 RivNuts where required for mounting the charger. This week, I drilled 3/4" holes in the trim to match the RivNuts, and installed it:

I also put in a junction box. The reason for the junction box is that the 240V input needs to be split in two - one part for the charger, the other part for the 240VAC relay in the front compartment which tells the Jeep not to allow someone to drive it off while plugged in. The orange cord will connect to the charging plug. The yellow cord goes to the front compartment. The black cord goes to the charger:

And then I installed the charger (it was much easier to install the junction box *before* the charger). I have put one LiquiTight conduit connection where the charging cord comes in. I did not get a photo, but I have another one where the yellow front compartment AC cord goes through. I have not yet hooked up the AMP connector for the DC output - need to get all the batteries connected, first (hopefully this week...):

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