Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lower Rear Rack, III

As I mentioned in the previous post, I got tired of lugging the rear rack / box around (it's very heavy). So, today was the day to permanently install it. First, I cut a notch in it and top-coated it with UV-resistant POR-15 topcote:

The notch is designed to avoid this bump in the back of the Jeep. Without cutting the notch out, this bump puts pressure on the rear of the rack, causing a pronounced "bowing in" effect:

Before installation, I cleaned up the rear compartment and rattle-can painted it white (both for cosmetic reasons as well as to avoid rust):

I lowered the rack into place, using a floor jack to keep it from dropping all the way down yet:

I did this because I need to put sealer around it. I used GE Silicone II, as used in the Porsche:

I gooped a very wide bead all around the hole:

Then lowered the rack in place, installed the bolts, and put the batteries into their final locations:

Note that the sheet metal is now bent down over the back of the rack. The batteries and cover still fit under this sheet metal. I was careful to fill any gaps with the silicone.

Next: work beckons once again, but I may find a few spare moments to build the second seat rack or perhaps to finish the upper rear rack.

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