Wednesday, September 3, 2008

High Voltage Wiring Diagram

It's getting dark earlier these days, so no time before / after work for actual metal fabrication. So, I spent some time creating the high-voltage wiring diagram. You can get the PDF here.

The parts list is as follows:
  • AC55 AC55 3-phase AC motor from Azure Dynamics
  • DMOC DMOC445 AC controller from Azure Dynamics
  • DC-DC DCDC 750 BC12 DC to DC (200-400V; for use with 12V aux battery) from Azure
  • Htr 2x 400V, 1000W ceramic heaters from Mor Electric
  • Ctctr Tyco Kilovac 500A 320V LEV200 Contactor (overkill...)
  • 400A 2x Ferraz-Shawmut A50QS400-4 500VDC 400A fuses from evsource
  • 30A Littelfuse KLKD030 600VDC 30A fuse from onlinecomponents
  • 1.5A Littelfuse KLKD01.5 600VDC 1.5A fuse from onlinecomponents
  • 50 mV Westach 237-150 150A 50mV shunt from
  • V Westach 2C5-84 200-400VDC voltmeter from
  • A Westach 2C6-14 -150-0-+150A DC ammeter from
  • Charger Manzanita Micro PFC-20 110-240V 20A battery charger
  • 12V, 96V... Battery packs built from 12V Concorde Chairman AGM-1280T batteries

High-current wiring is 4/0 gauge welding cable
Medium-current wiring (charger, DC-DC converter) is 10 AWG primary wire
All other wiring is 16 AWG primary wire

High-current connectors are Cam-Lok400A 600VDC connectors from lightsonretail - NOT INTENDED FOR DISCONNECTING WITH LOAD APPLIED

Medium-current connectors are either Anderson SB-50 (charger) or Yazaki 2-pin (P/N 7222-4220-30) (DC-DC converter)

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