Sunday, September 21, 2008

Final Battery Layout!

Well, with the racks all basically designed and nearly built, I believe I can declare victory over the battery layout. Here is a picture of it:

You can find the PDF file here. The orange interconnects will be copper strips. Each interconnect will consist of a stack of 3 1" by 1/16" strips. This gets a cross-sectional area of 0.1875" which compares well with the cross-sectional area of 4/0 welding cable (which is 0.166"). The strips will be cut longer than shown and then creatively bent to allow for flex. Each strip will be heat-shrink wrapped for insulation, and then the three will be stacked on top of each other and screwed in to the battery (with a generous dollop of Noalox all over the place).

Here is a picture for example of the battery interconnects that Electro Automotive did for the Volt914 / VoltsPorsche AC. The ElectroJeep interconnects will be different, since the batteries do not have "L" terminals but rather screw-in terminal posts:

As a reminder, here is the evolution of the ElectroJeep battery layout:

Version 1.0, January 2008:

Version 2.0, March 2008:

Version 3.0, July 2008:

There may be a few minor tweaks (the two diagonal interconnects in the lower rear battery rack, on the right side of the picture bother me - way too close even if insulated), but I expect this to be very close to the final layout.

Hey, Rocky, watch me pull an Electric Jeep out of my hat...

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