Friday, March 21, 2008

Gas Tanks, Leaf Springs, and Flywheels, Oh, My!

We removed the last of the major internal combustion components today - the gas tank. Here is KatC attacking one of the bolts which holds the gas tank straps on. We got one off normally, but had to cut the other as it was too rusted.

We also removed the old leaf springs so that we could put new heavier-duty lifted leaf springs on. This was a royal pain - 20 years of rust had left the bolts completely frozen. After liberal soaking in penetrating oil, plus the application of heat from a torch, I finally got the bolts to turn using a long-handled 21mm wrench and a BFH - Big Friendly Hammer. Here is one of the old leaf springs next to one of the new leaf springs for comparison:

I also nearly forgot to take a critical measurement - the distance from the flywheel to the motor face. Here is where I took the measurement:

And here is the result - 0.85 inches. I'll need to replicate this distance when I get my motor adapter from Electro Automotive and mount it to the motor:


Roger Daisley said...

Ross: Here's a suggestion that you might find of value. After pulling the ICE and tranny, I rented a high pressure STEAM cleaner and throughly cleaned the engine area. Next, I applied a coating of rust inhibitor (spray can) over the entire area. I really didn't try to scrape off all the rust, as it didn't look like a project I really wanted to tackle. (The info on the can said only loose rust needed to be removed.) Next I applied a good coat of "truck bedliner" (spray can) to the entire area, including the bottom of the hood. This is a pretty tough coating and I think will solve any rust problems and prevent more rust from battery charging. Not only that, it makes the engine area look quite nice, especially if you don't intend to do a paint job. Just mask off things that you don't want coated. I bought the sprays at Schuck's Auto Supply. It took one can of rust inhibitor and three cans of bed liner.

Ross Cunniff said...

Thanks, Roger. I'm not sure there are any portable steam cleaners in Fort Collins, but I'll look around and make sure.

Mono Leaf Springs said...

This is totally interesting! How far along in the conversion process are you?

What will you be using to charge the Jeep when you are done and how long will it take to fully charge a Jeep Cherokee?

I still have my 1986 White Jeep Cherokee. Maybe I should convert mine? I would love to see some pics of your finished product when you are done.