Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Engine Be Gone!

My daughter KatC and I pulled the engine from the Jeep today. First, you've got to disconnect *everything* from the engine. Here I am, playing one of my least favorite games, "where the heck is that last bolt hiding?"

Once everything was disconnected, we pulled the engine forward to clear it from the transmission main shaft. I'm pulling (using my, ahem, substantial body weight) and KatC is using a pry bar to help separate the engine from the bell housing:

Here it is, free from the transmission and being lifted out of the engine bay. KatC is doing the hydraulic lift work. Her friend Brad came by and helped observe our careful attention to safety procedures:

Finally, it's free - here is KatC, posing beside the engine (dangling precariously - I lowered it down right after this was taken):

Here is the gaping hole it left. Much to do here - tomorrow's activity will be to give it a thorough cleaning:

This was actually the main point of the exercise - I need access to the flywheel so that I can send a rubbing to ElectroAuto of the center 6 bolt holes so they can make sure the adapter they are making for me will actually fit. I'm guessing the red gunk is clutch dust - I was very careful not to blow it around, it's likely to be toxic:

And here is the rubbing I'll be sending to ElectroAuto. Theoretically, they could take measurements from this 200 DPI scan, but I'll give them the original just to be safe:

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