Saturday, March 8, 2008

Christmas in March

Over the past few weeks, quite a few parts that I've ordered have drifted in. From Quadratec, comes a variety of Jeep upgrades. First, a 2" Old Man Emu heavy load lift kit (shocks, coils, leaf springs, HW):

Second, a front brake overhaul kit (rotors, pads, HW):

Third, a rear brake drum-to-disc conversion kit (I'm not 100% certain this will fit the axle on my Jeep; if not, I'll upgrade the axle):

And fourth, a kit to convert the vacuum-actuated 4WD transfer case into a manual cable-controlled one:

Here are cable, connectors, and tools from Cloud Electric:

A vacuum pump kit (to operate the power brakes) from EV Source:

An electric power steering pump kit from Canadian Electric Vehicles:

Two 400V, 1000W ceramic heaters from Mor Electric / Infrared Heaters:

A PakTrakr, 5 remotes, a current sensor, and a computer interface (not shown):

And, finally, a complete workshop repair manual for my Jeep (including full electric diagrams) from Auto Books Bishko:

I have deliberately spread the orders around to a variety of EV parts providers. This is for three reasons: first, it limits the risk of any one of them completely messing up the build schedule. Second, it allows me to do my part to keep EV suppliers in business. Finally, it allows me to give feedback to people on their service and quality. So far, all of the suppliers I've dealt with have been prompt and responsive - no complaints from me!

I've contacted a local garage to install the lift kit and brakes - I don't think my skills add any value there. But everything else me and my wife and daughter will do ourselves!


Anonymous said...

Just for grins -- how much $$ do you have invested in the ElectroJeep so far?

Ross Cunniff said...

I have about $16K into it so far, including some parts that are not yet delivered (the charger and Rudman Regulators), and expect the total to be around $20K (most of the remainder will be batteries, 26 AGM batteries will not be cheap).