Monday, February 16, 2009

Declaring Victory and Moving On

I finally got some time and good weather today to finish up the motor install. Although I had some back-and-forth with helpful blog readers, I decided to stick with my current plan for now. I'll re-examine the motor mounting this summer to see whether anything is being stressed by this design.

Here is the motor from the top. The side bolts have blue thread-lock applied, and are torqued to 80 foot-pounds. In addition, there are washers exactly filling the space between the forks and the cradle to reduce the torsion about the motor mount bushings:

After placing the front rack and batteries, I jumped up and down on the front bumper a couple of times to settle the springs, then took this picture. There are now roughly 4 inches of clearance between the motor and the front differential:

As I said at the beginning, this is not probably the very best motor mount - a torsion bar of some sort between the two forks would be very helpful, as would additional bolts between the forks and the cradle, but it will be adequate for now. I'll consider a rebuild this summer.


Anonymous said...

What an incredible endeavor! I am considering turning my 91 XJ into an EV. Since you've had some wintertime to drive around in, how do you find the batteries hold up when the temperature is below freezing? Have you noticed any shifting/traction issues in deep snow or on icy roads? Would you say ElectroJeep is a "four season" vehicle?

Ross Cunniff said...

Sorry - just saw your comment (I've been away for a bit).

I have not really had the chance to drive it in the winter yet - no power steering or brakes hooked up - so you'll have to wait until next year to find out.

The volt914 is "four season" except I don't like to drive it in slushy weather because I don't want it to die an early rusty death from salt / other crap on the roads. Its batteries do have less range in winter - probably 50% less when it is really cold.