Sunday, October 19, 2008

Misc Parts

This weekend, I finished up some of the miscellaneous things that needed doing. First, I removed the front rack and the driver's side support. I did this because I needed to build the mount for the power steering pump (as seen below). I also need the rack out of the way to remove the heater core, and it will make a lot of the 12V wiring simpler.

With the front rack out, I cut a notch in one of the vertical supports to ensure that the steering rod will always clear it:

I built the mounting for the power steering pump:

I inserted a 3/8-16 rivet nut as the lower attach point for the power steering pump mount:

And I welded the controller mount. I then painted the controller mount, the power steering pump mount, and the two DC-DC converter mounts:

Not shown, but I also took the opportunity to caulk around the under-seat battery boxes to prevent leaks.

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