Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Parts!

Yesterday, the transmission / motor adaptor came from Electro Automotive. Their build quality is excellent, as usual, and their delivery time was much more predictable than in the past (they apparently have made some changes in their order fulfillment processes). It still took a while, but the delivery time was within the expectations they set when I made the order. Here are the parts, laid out on my living room floor:

Here they are, with labels:

Here's a closeup of the taperlock hub and the tapered, splined bushing. I've already test-fit the bushing on the drive shaft - fits perfectly:

This all goes together as documented on Electro Automotive's web site, and as shown in my Volt914 build (toward the end of this post as well as this post). This weekend I hope to get the motor all assembled with this hardware, perhaps even with the new clutch mounted. Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

That does look like good work. I guess all that fussing over clamping force on the splined shaft didn't amount to anything, as EA provided what you had originally proposed!

How'd you make out in the storm today?