Friday, February 8, 2008

Christmas in February

The shipment from Azure Dynamics arrived today. It was all attached firmly to a pallet and plastic wrap / strapped together. The total package weight was 330 lbs:

Here it is, all unboxed / unpacked sitting on the driveway:

I ordered the AC55 motor (weight: 106 kg / 233 lbs):

...a DMOC445 controller (same as in the Volt914):

A 312-V DC-DC converter designed to work with a backing battery:

And the interface kit, composed of this cool switch (which controls motor direction & power as well as regen braking and, just for fun, the electric heater):

...and this regen braking relay & wiring:

...and a throttle potbox & wiring:

...and the main wiring harness to the DMOC445:

...and various and sundry misc connectors, etc. for the above:

So, off to order the rest of the stuff. There are some basic upgrades to the Jeep:

  • Front disc brake replacement
  • Rear disc brake upgrade
  • Suspension upgrade (a 3-inch "heavy-duty" lift kit)
  • Cable switch to replace 2wd->4wd vacuum switch
As well as a long list of parts for the conversion:
  • 2/0 or 4/0 welding cable for high-current wiring
  • Charger
  • (maybe) 26 battery charging regulators (if I go with AGM)
  • 26 batteries (AGM or flooded)
  • Cable lug ends
  • Heater core
  • Power steering pump electric feed
  • Power brake system vacuum system
  • Lots of L-bar and square tubing to weld together for various supports
  • Material for battery boxes (possibly plywood, still debating)
  • Gauges, shuts, and such
  • Fuses & circuit breakers
  • Connectors, nuts, bolts, grommets, kitchen sinks, etc.
The Jeep upgrades are on order. Still evaluating the rest.


TimK said...

Hi Ross,

Glad to see you got your motor parts quickly. Where are you getting your adaptor plate to the transmission?


Simon K said...

Ross, could you give me your opinion (pros/cons, value for money) of ordering direct vs ordering via a "kit" from one of the various suppliers? If I got it right, first time you got via a kit supplier, now you got the basic parts direct? I am just now making facing that choice. if you want via email to simon dot kay at libero dot it (yes I'm in Italy)