Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Charger Mounted

Although the old Manzanita Micro charger was very customizable, it had two big drawbacks when considering its use with J1772:

1. There is no easy way to adjust the amperage automatically
2. It is not isolated, which can lead to ground faults, and possibly even electrocution (!)

So, I changed the charger.  I went with the Evcon HF/PFC2500 charger.  The drawback of this charger relative to the Manzanita is that you have to specify its configuration when ordering.  Also, the 2500 watt capacity is lower.  This is deliberate.  Much of the J1772 infrastructure supports a maximum load of roughly 15A (although it can theoretically go as high as 30 or 80 amps).  2500W at 240V fits nicely under this, and the weight and size are convenient.  It does mean that a full charge of 22 kWh (70% discharge level of the new 31 kWh pack) will take a while - 9 hours or so at 240V.  But this fits easily in an "overnight" charge.

I mounted the charger somewhat forward of where the old charger was mounted.  I first put 1/4" threaded rod in as studs, then replaced the plastic skin on the Jeep, then placed the charger:

I've also removed all of the old charger support components - there will be new components coming soon...

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