Sunday, October 5, 2008

Seat Boxes, III

Friday, KatC and I worked on the seat boxes again. But first, early that morning, I said "bye-bye" to the old internal combustion engine. I tried to find a buyer, but nobody was terribly interested in a 22-year-old underperforming 4-cylinder engine. So, off to the salvage yard it went in my trusty pickup:

After work, attention turned to the seat boxes. Here are both racks and boxes, waiting to be installed:

But, before installation, we have one more hole to cut. Here is KatC making the first cuts with a cutoff wheel on the angle grinder (easier to make long straight cuts):

She finished off the corners with a Sawzall:

Proud of her destructive abilities...

Here's the second rack test-fit in its hole:

After dithering for a while, trying to figure out how to get bolts in the very tight spots around here, I gave up and went for welding. I seam-welded above the frame rail, and then spot welded both inside and outside around the rest of the edges:

And, with that, the construction of the battery racks is complete!

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